Jesus-Redeems Germany

Jesus Redeems ministry is a non-profitable organization that based on taking the Gospel to the lost. It starts in a small village in Tamil Nadu - southern part of India, in 1978 by Mohan C Lazarus. The Evangelist had a vision from God.

In the last decade, the ministry's passion to redeem the lost, has sprouted its wings and is carried out across many countries. 

The "Jesus Redeems" ministry organizes a magazine and it is also circulated now in Germany. To request a copy please contact the beneath. 


Since 2010, Jesus Redeems has started their ministries in Germany based at Olpe through Ralph & Ruth Tambyrajah (see picture). Every Friday, at 19 o'clock there is a prayer night session that is held at the "Light of the world - Church for all" Church. You are welcome! 


Feel free to contact us for prayer request or counselling request through our

phone: 02761-977 9008,


or using the contact form at this website.


For more information about Jesus Redeems ministry, feel free to visit their website